Cel Skeggs, they/them

(Pronounced as in "stem cell" or "cell phone.")

I write software for embedded systems that operate in challenging and unusual environments.

(Like the surface of another planet or the vacuum of space.)

Internet presence:

GitHub, LinkedIn, StackExchange.

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MIT: EECS 6-3 '20, MEng '22, CSAIL/PDOS, EC-3E '20, SIPB, Assassins' Guild.

Classes TA'd: 6.824 (2021, 2022), 6.S081 (2021)

My top SF&F book recommendations (as of July 2022):

Ancillary Justice (Leckie), Gideon the Ninth (Muir), Empress of Forever (Gladstone), Temeraire (Novik), Foundryside (Bennett), Mindtouch (Hogarth), The Naming (Croggon), Orconomics (Pike), O Human Star (Delliquanti), The Invisible Library (Cogman), This Is How You Lose the Time War (El-Mohtar & Gladstone).


Skeggs, Cel Andromeda. "Vivid: An Operating System Kernel for Radiation-Tolerant Flight Control Software." Master's thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2022.

Behrens, Jonathan, Anton Cao, Cel Skeggs, Adam Belay, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Nickolai Zeldovich. "Efficiently mitigating transient execution attacks using the unmapped speculation contract." In 14th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 20), pp. 1139-1154. 2020.

Verma, Vandi, T. Estlin, G. Doran, D. Gaines, R. Francis, P. Romano, C. Skeggs, and R. Castano. "Results From the First Four Years of Aegis Autonomous Targeting for Chemcam on Mars Science Laboratory and New Capability Planned for Supercam on Mars 2020 Rover." (2020).

N*** J**: 348D, M2020 FSW (2019.6-8), EURC FSW (2020.6-2021.1), MSR SRL FSW (2022.6+).