Cel Skeggs, they/them

(Pronounced as in "stem cell" or "cell phone.")

I write software for embedded systems that operate in challenging and unusual environments.

(Like the surface of another planet or the vacuum of space.)

Internet presence:

Open Mailing List, GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, StackExchange.

MIT: EECS 6-3 '20, MEng '22 (anticipated), CSAIL/PDOS, EC-3E '20, SIPB, Assassins' Guild.

Classes TA'd: 6.824 (2021, 2022), 6.S081 (2021)

My top SF&F book recommendations (as of Feb 2022):

Gideon the Ninth (Muir), Empress of Forever (Gladstone), Temeraire (Novik), Foundryside (Bennett), Mindtouch (Hogarth), Orconomics (Pike), O Human Star (Delliquanti), The Invisible Library (Cogman), This Is How You Lose the Time War (El-Mohtar & Gladstone).

N*** J**: 348D, M2020 FSW (2019.6-8), EURC FSW (2020.6-2021.1), TBD (2022.6+).