Cel Skeggs: Software Portfolio

All projects are almost entirely developed by Cel Skeggs unless otherwise specified.

Main Projects

SIPB Hyades

Hyades is a self-managing cloud platform developed by SIPB, built on existing tools like Kubernetes. Cel is the project lead for Homeworld, the infrastructure orchestration system that forms the majority of Hyades.

The main Homeworld repository is available on GitHub.

selkie / searust

A microkernel OS personality being implemented in Rust, based on the seL4 microkernel. Two versions exist: an original C version, and a partial rewrite in Rust.

On hiatus to focus on Hyades. Repositories for selkie (C version) and searust (rust version) are on GitHub.

Completed Projects

Common Chicken Runtime Engine

The CCRE is a powerful robot code framework based on Functional Reactive Programming. It was continuously developed from 2013 through 2016. It is open source and available on GitHub.

You can view the documentation and the GitHub project.

Un Misterio en Toluca

Un Misterio en Toluca is a modern webapp for instructors to create structured role-playing games, and for students to play them. It is used by Catlin Gabel's Spanish III class.

Active use of this system continues. You can read more about the project and view the source code on GitHub.


Scribbles is a Computer Science research project about teaching computers to mimic human-drawn art - specifically, art drawn by humans with computer tools like Photoshop.

It was developed during fall 2015. You can read the blog or visit the project on GitHub.

Cosmic Drift

Cosmic Drift is an in-progress deep space station simulation, with simulated atmospherics, power networks, computers, and gravity. It was originally a Top Overall winner at CodeDay.

Development has been on hiatus since I came to MIT. There is a website and a GitHub project.

Semantic Automated Compiler Kit

SACK automatically generates compilers from instruction set definitions. It won 1st place in CS at a regional science fair, but could not be presented at the state fair due to a scheduling conflict.

No plans exist to build a polished tool. You can read about the prototype on GitHub or download a PDF of the poster.

Square Assault

Square Assault is a game created in 24 hours as part of CodeDay. It is a strategy game about multiplayer tower defense: towers are the only form of both offense and defense.

It is no longer under development. You can download it or read about it on GitHub, or view its source code.

Side Projects


musicazooing is a successor to musicazoo, the youtube video/music player used in Cel's dorm at MIT. It is designed for maximum reliability, to replace a flaky previous version.

Development is active but sporadic. You can visit the project on GitHub.


WebAFS is a tool that provides web access (like Google Drive) to MIT ATHENA lockers (stored in AFS) via a web interface, to allow access to AFS without installing special software.

It is on hiatus to work on SIPB Hyades. You can view the source code on GitHub.


libca is an in-progress modern reimagining of the traditional libc interface and implementation. It uses libsyscall and is almost completely unit-tested.

Development is on hiatus. You can read about it on GitHub, including the source code.

graphics.py 4.0 rewrite

graphics.py 4.0 is an rewrite of Andrew Merrill's graphics library used in Catlin Gabel introductory CS classes to run on the modern SDLv2 library rather than the unmaintained Pygame backend.

Development is on hiatus. You can view the project and source code on GitHub, but there is no demo right now.


libsyscall provides system calls and program entry (& VDSO discovery) for Linux userspace. It is designed to be the minimal amount of assembly needed for an entire libc implementation.

It is usable, and almost complete. You can view the project and the source code on GitHub.


virtlua is a library for virtualizing computers suitable for embedding in simulations. Based on Kahlua, it was rewritten to allow interruption and resuming. It is used by Cosmic Drift.

It is feature-complete and in use. You can view the project and the source code on GitHub.